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Indoor and airconditioned facility with 6 machines

4 NOV 2020

New reverse vending centre now open in Western Sydney

A new reverse vending centre is available to Return and Earn near you in Parramatta.

In a win for Western Sydney, Parramatta is now home to a new indoor Return and Earn reverse vending centre (RVC). This makes it even more convenient and enjoyable for residents to return their eligible containers nearby for cash.

Parramatta locals are active Return and Earn recyclers with more than 30 million bottles and cans returned since Return and Earn launched in December 2017. The new recycling centre is the 13th return point available to Parramatta locals.

Now open and located just off Church Street on Daking Street, North Parramatta, the new-format Return and Earn collection site has been developed by scheme technology provider TOMRA Collection Solutions. Find out directions to the new RVC in North Parramatta here.

Introducing the Reverse Vending Centre (RVC)

Reverse rending centres or RVCs are self service locations. The indoor air-conditioned facility features six indoor reverse vending machines and provides an all-weather experience with more capacity and onsite parking.

There are four lightweight machines available which can accept all your eligible plastic bottles, cans and cartons. There are also two glass-only machines that take eligible glass containers. Find out more about container eligibility on this website.

To make it easy and accessible, RVCs are open 7 days a week, usually between 7am and 7pm on weekdays and 9am – 6pm on weekends.

You have the option to print a retail cash voucher for the refund amount, redeemable for cash at the participating retail stores, or you can opt for a digital e-voucher or payment into your PayPal account by downloading the MyTOMRA app before visiting. You may also donate your refund to one of the 4 featured donation partners on screen.

Reverse vending centre Parramatta
Reverse vending centres are available

RVCs can currently be found at the following locations in Western Sydney:

  1. North Parramatta
  2. Rydalmere
  3. Granville
  4. Ballina
  5. Guildford

To plan your return, read more about how Return and Earn works.


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