Collect, fundraise or donate. Return and Earn makes it convenient and easy for you to support the charities or causes you care about – all while keeping the environment clean and recycling bottles and cans.

There are hundreds of official donation partners you can support by donating your container refund.

Read on to find out how to donate and learn more about our wonderful donation partners.

How to donate through Return and Earn


You can select to donate your 10c refund to any charity, school, sports club or local community group featured on the app from any machines in NSW. Simply:

  1. Open your Return and Earn app AND search for your favourite charity under the “CHARITIES” menu
  2. Press on its tile, scroll down and select ‘Set as payout’
  3. Scan your app at your local Return and Earn machine
  4. Return your containers and press “TRANSFER” on the machine screen.”

100% of the refund will be donated to the donation partner that you selected to receive your payout.


A minimum of two donation partners are featured on each screen of your local Return and Earn machines. To donate your 10c refund, simply:

  1. Return your drink containers
  2. Press “DONATE” on the touchscreen
  3. Select your preferred donation partner and press “CONFIRM” to validate your donation.

Their account will be credited with the full amount


You can donate to the charities featured on the screen at any machine by:

  1. Return your containers
  2. Select your preferred donation partner on the touchscreen.
  3. Click ‘Donate’.

Their account will be automatically credited with the full amount.


Enquire with your nearest automated depot to check which charities they support.


Enquire with your nearest automated depot to check which charities they support.

Our current donation partners

Return and Earn donations helping to Protect our Planet

Protect our planet

Calling on all recyclers to support our latest statewide donations appeal ‘Protect our Planet’! Donate your refunds to either Bush Heritage Australia or the Australian Marine Conservation Society. Each drink container returned results in less litter and less landfill, while the 10c refund from every container donated will help restore and protect habitats that are critical for the survival of endangered animals.

Bush Heritage Australia manages land for conservation and partners with Aboriginal people and the agricultural sector to protect landscapes and native species forever. The Australian Marine Conservation Society preserves and protects habitats for our ocean wildlife.

You can help ‘protect our planet’ when you recycle with Return and Earn. Here’s how:

– Start by collecting eligible containers to return and earn.

– If you have the Return and Earn app, set either Australian Marine Conservation or Bush Heritage Australia as your payout option. You can still donate via machine touchscreens if you don’t have the app.

– Visit your nearest Return and Earn machine.

– Deposit your containers in the machine and press “PAYOUT” to donate via the app or “DONATE” and select either Australian Marine Conservation or Bush Heritage Australia directly on the screen.

100% of donated refunds go to the charity you selected on the screen or app.  

Get collecting and help Protect our Planet today!

Check out some of our most active donation partners

CanDo Cancer Trust

Cans For CanDo

CanDo is a local cancer charity that pays bills for patients struggling financially. All money raised goes directly to patients, there are no administration costs and it is run by volunteers in conjunction with the social workers at the North Coast Cancer Institute in Coffs Harbour. We cover patients from Grafton to Nambucca and Dorrigo.

Every bottle or can helps us to raise vital funds needed in our local area. Every cent raised goes directly to patients. Please visit our website for more information.

KARI Foundation

Change Lives Keep Culture in Aboriginal Communities

In 2016, after 17 years of successful operations, the KARI Board of Directors agreed to the creation of the KARI Foundation. They understood the outcomes of Aboriginal could be further achieved by increased collaboration between state and federal Governments, Corporate Australia and Collective Australia. KARI Foundation has no geographical boundary. It aims to service first and foremost Aboriginal people and communities across Australia whilst also supporting collective and corporate Australia.

Your donation means you are contributing to the ongoing design, support and delivery of culturally driven programs that aim to create positive change for more individuals and communities alike.

Northern Beaches Clean Up Crew

Keep The Sea Plastic Free!

Press “SET AS PAYOUT” to set Northern Beaches Clean Up Crew [NBCUC] as your preferred payout method. 100% of the 10c refund(s) you donate will help us to continue to run our beach, lagoon and reserve clean ups and keep our volunteers safe. Thank you for helping the environment, together we can make a difference.  Talk to us about joining our crew and learn more at:

Oatley Public School Parents & Citizens' Association

OPS – Better Facilities for Our Kids

Oatley Public School P&C raises funds for our primary school community to increase educational resources and the environment of Oatley Public School.

The funds raised will be used to upgrade and refurbish the north side playground at Oatley Public School.

RAS Foundation

Supporting Schools in Rural and Regional NSW

The RAS Foundation aims to help build strong, vibrant and resilient rural and regional communities, providing community grants to support projects that deliver strong benefits for rural and regional areas. The RASF has also supported communities after the severe droughts and floods experienced the last years. 100% of your donations will go to help regional and rural communities which need it the most.

The RAS Foundation aims to help build strong, vibrant and resilient rural and regional communities in NSW. Since 2007, the RAS Foundation has provided 3.5 million in community grants, which have been used to support local projects that deliver strong community benefits and enhance economic and social outcomes. 100% of your donations will go to support primary and secondary schools from rural and regional areas in NSW.

Treading Lightly

Treading Lightly Youth Development Program

Treading Lightly Inc. is a grassroots environmental organisation that brings people together to build resilient communities and make positive, long-lasting change towards a sustainable future.

Our organisation is raising funds to support engaging young people in environmental activities and source reduction to mitigate litter in waterways.

Find and select your donation partner

Donation partners on the Return and Earn app

An unlimited number of charities, schools, sports club and community groups can be featured on the Return and Earn app. To view the full list and how much your preferred organisation has raised so far, simply open your Return and Earn app, press “Charities” and search for your preferred donation partner. 

Donation partners on screens at Return and Earn machines

Click “View PDF” below to check which local charity, sports club, school or community groups are featured on the screens of your local Return and Earn machine.

Tip! Search by LGA or look up a specific organisation with ‘Ctrl+F’ and type in the charity’s name

Can’t find your charity?

If your favourite charity, school, sports club or community group isn’t listed as a donation partner, why not let them know they could be raising funds with the Return and Earn scheme?

Interested in fundraising?

Click below to find out how your charity, school, P&C, sports club or community group can start fundraising with Return and Earn.

Previous donation partners

Successful major appeals (2019-2022)

Animal Welfare League NSW

Recyclers in NSW have raised over $94,000 to help Animal Welfare League NSW (AWL) rescue, rehabilitate and re-home animals in need by recycling a massive 940,000 bottles and cans through Return and Earn.

From April to October 2022, AWL featured as the statewide donation partner on all Return and Earn machines across NSW, enabling recyclers to donate their container refunds to the charity directly from the interactive touch screen.


Containers fot Kids

$122,540 donated

Bottles for the Bush

$423,519 donated


Cans for Koalas

$144,515 donated


Bottles CAN Change Lives

$244,383 donated

Donation success stories

Animal welfare
NSW recyclers donate nearly one million drink containers to support animal welfare
Asylum Seeker Centre
Return and Earn raises funds and awareness for the Asylum Seekers Centre
Starlight presentation
Container recycling nets $122,540 for Starlight Children’s Foundation
Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Women’s Shelter
Community rallies to support women’s shelter with container refunds

Donations FAQs

  • Where can I donate?

    You can donate the 10 cent refund for each eligible container returned at any Return and Earn machine and at select automated depots in NSW. Find your closest return point on the map.

  • How do I donate?

    There are several ways to donate your drink container refunds. You can donate to the charities featured on the screen at the Return and Earn machines, select your preferred charity or cause on the Return and Earn app, or visit your nearest automated depot to check which charities they support.

    To donate on the screens at machines, simply return your containers and when you’re done, select your preferred charity on the screen and click ‘donate’.

    To donate on the Return and Earn app, you will need to set a donation partner as your payout method. Login to the app and click ‘Charities’. Use the search tool to find your preferred charity campaign and click on its tile. A new page detailing the campaign will appear. Scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the button ‘Set as payout’. Your chosen donation partner will be set as your payout method and next time you return your containers at a machine using the app, your refund will be sent to that partner.

  • What is a donation partner?

    A donation partner is a not-for-profit organisation that has been approved to be featured either on the touch screen or on the app to receive donations from the Return and Earn community.

    Types of organisations that are listed as donation partners include charities, schools, sporting clubs, community and special interest clubs and groups. Political causes or organisations are not permitted to become donation partners.

  • Do I have to use a machine to donate?

    You need to return your containers at a Return and Earn machine in order to donate either on the touchscreen or through the app.

    Some automated depots also support charities and allow you to donate your refunds directly. Enquire with your nearest automated depot to check which charities they support.

    Find your nearest automated depot and their contact details on the map.

  • Do I need to use the Return and Earn app to donate?

    No but the app features many donation partners and causes you can choose from.

    You can also donate your refunds to any donation partner featured on the touchscreen of your closest Return and Earn machine.

    Simply return your containers and when you’re done, select your preferred charity on the screen and click ‘donate’. Or visit your nearest automated depot to check which charities they support.

  • I want to donate to a charity or cause who are not listed as a donation partner. What do I do?

    You can get in touch with the charity, not-for-profit organisation, school, sports club or community group that you’d like to donate to and suggest they sign up! For more information, visit TOMRA’s website here.

  • How much money goes to my chosen donation partner?

    100% of the donated refund goes to your chosen donation partner.

  • How do I change my default payout method on the app?

    In the middle of the home screen, you will see “Your active payout” which will either state “PayPal”, “Digital Voucher” or a campaign name. By clicking on this white box, you will open up a list of all payout methods available. Here you can select your default payout for all future payments until this is changed.

  • Can I get a tax receipt for my donation?

    Only if the charity you donate to has obtained the Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status with the Australian Tax Office.

    If you donate through the Return and Earn app, the user can download a receipt of all the donations made to a charity with DGR status from within the app. Open the app and click on ‘Refunds’. On the next page, press the ‘Export’ icon in the top right-hand corner. Select the date range and a report and/or tax receipt (if applicable) will be sent to the nominated email address, showing donations made to a charity that has obtained DGR status.

    If you donate to a charity that has the DGR status at a Return and Earn machine, it will print a receipt for all donations made over $2.00.

  • Can I keep track of my donations?

    You can keep track of the donations you have made on the Return and Earn app.

    To access your records, open the app and click on ‘Charities’. Go to the ‘My Donations’ tab on the left-hand side to view a summary of all donations made through the app.

    Scroll down to see each individual campaign you’ve donated to and how much you’ve contributed to each one of them.

    To view your whole recycling history using the app, click ‘Refunds’ on your homepage and you will be able to view all of your donations and other types of refunds that  you received via the app.

  • How do I become a donation partner?

    If you are interested in learning more about fundraising through Return and Earn, check out this page.

    If you want to apply to become a donation partner on the machines or the app, visit