Our community is doing wonders for the environment with recycling. We’re playing our part in reducing litter on our streets, parks and waterways. With Return and Earn, we’re looking at ‘litter as a resource’, which means we look at it as a valuable, green commodity that can be recycled and reused, again and again.

Lets take a moment to give a shout-out to our local recycling heroes. It could be yourself or a member of your community. No matter who it is, we want to hear your story.

There are many wonderful stories out there of our community members using Return and Earn. We’d love to hear them and share them to inspire people across NSW. Tell us your story by filling out the form below.


  • Let us know your name or the name of someone who is your local recycling hero.
  • Please tell us about your experience with Return and Earn and why that makes you (or someone you know) a local recycling hero.
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