Get your group involved

There’s so much your group can gain from Return and Earn.


Teach students about sustainability and recycling while earning funds for your school.

Sports clubs

Keep your grounds clean and raise money at the same time with Return and Earn in your club.

Community groups

Reduce the impact of litter in your neighbourhood while earning money for your next big project.


Manage your recycling, deliver on your corporate social responsibility environment goals and donate funds to a community group.

1. Collect containers

Begin by setting up your Return and Earn collection points in an easy to access and secure area. Smaller groups could use recycling bins, but larger groups may need a caged trailer.

2. Return containers

Smaller returns can use either a Machine or an Automated Depot. However, for returns with over 500 containers, we recommend you or your community group take your items to an Automated Depot.

3. Get refunds or donate

As you return the containers, you can choose to get a refund or donate. Other group members can also get involved. They simply need to have their returns refunded directly to your community group’s account.

  1. Set up an account on the Return and Earn app
  2. Share your unique barcode with your community
  3. They scan your barcode at a machine and your group account gets the refund

Keen to get started? Find out more about fundraising, becoming a donation partner or you can download our handy fundraising toolkit.

Getting started

Make the most of your return.

Communication is key

Let your group know about the collection process, why it’s important and the impact it will have. This could be as simple as sending an email or holding a meeting.

Automated Depot partnership

Your group can partner with an Automated Depot. Some Automated Depots will also supply a collection bin.

Pay it forward

You can partner with organisations in your community like schools, who are happy to pick up your collection so it can go towards their own projects.

Start fundraising

Whatever your group’s fundraising goal may be, Return and Earn can help get you there. Learn more about fundraising.