Local councils across NSW are a valued partner in delivering the NSW container deposit scheme, Return and Earn. As landlords of return points providing access to your community; supporters actively encouraging locals to participate; or sharing in the refund from containers collected through kerbside recycling to funnel back into your community, councils are vital to shifting community attitudes to litter and recycling and ultimately the success of the scheme.

LGA network volume reports

Exchange for Change (EfC), the scheme coordinator for Return and Earn, publishes six-monthly local government area (LGA) network volume reports that list the total volume and the tonnage of drink containers returned for recycling through the return point network.

Historical six-monthly reports for LGAs are also available on the EfC website.

Council Impact Calculator

Use our new calculator to find out the positive environmental impacts of drink container recycling in your LGA, including energy, water and carbon output savings as well as waste diverted from landfill. Use the Volume Reports above to find the number of containers from your LGA.

Local Council Toolkit & Resources

This Council Toolkit has been developed to help local government engage with your communities on the Return and Earn scheme. It is full of information and resources to help understand how Return and Earn works and the benefits of recycling eligible drink containers through the scheme. 

It also includes content and assets to assist councils during the scheme’s peak season in summer when residents often contact their local council for information.

Fund sharing arrangements

For the benefit of your ratepayers, as a local council you can arrange to share the container refunds with the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) that collects and/or sorts household recycling.

MRFs receive a refund on every eligible container they collect and/or source through the council kerbside recycling system. MRFs are required to negotiate a refund sharing arrangement with councils that supply their kerbside material.

As a local council entering in to a MRF negotiation, we recommend you seek your own independent legal advice. You’ll find helpful resources and information on the Office of Local Government website.

Other useful information

Hosting a return point

A local council may enter into a commercial agreement with the network operator, TOMRA Cleanaway, to host a return point. Contact TOMRA Cleanaway for more information.

Contact us

If you have any questions or you would like to learn more, please call the scheme coordinator Exchange for Change on 1800 813 887 or email us at contactus@returnandearn.org.au.