Prior to visiting a reverse vending machine location, also known as an RVM, make sure you have separated glass bottles from other containers you wish to deposit. The Return and Earn scheme requires you to deposit glass bottles separately to other cartons, plastics or cans. If at any time you require assistance, please contact Tomra Cleanaway on 1800 290 691.

Acceptable containers are described on the Return and Earn website. Please note that 1 and 2 litre plastic milk bottles, glass wine and spirit bottles and 100% juice cartons or plastic bottles are not accepted.

  • At all RVMs the far left deposit chute is for glass deposits and the far right deposit chute is for cartons, plastics and can deposits. There is a green icon that indicates glass and a blue icon that indicates cartons plastics and cans.
  • The deposit chutes are within separate panels on the front of the machine that is 4m wide.  All RVM locations have a mesh screen on either side to assist you in identifying the left and right side of the RVM. Most RVMs have 2 deposit chutes for each type of deposit.
  • When standing in front of the RVM the deposit chute will be on the left hand side immediately in front of you at shoulder height and the voucher dispenser is to the right of the deposit chute (at approximately 4 o’clock) at the bottom right of the panel. Note there is a touch screen directly to the right of the deposit chute.
  • Approach the front of the machine, we recommend you start on the left with glass bottle returns and then move to the right to complete your cartons, plastics and cans deposit.
  • When standing in front of the machine insert your container into the deposit chute, and your session will automatically begin. When inserting a container, don’t insert your hand in the deposit chute. It’s not dangerous but it could interrupt your session, and can be identified by a double-beep sound. You need only to lay containers into the opening of the deposit chute and the conveyor belt will pull the item into the RVM. Don’t throw containers into the chute, they often fall to the side and the machine will stop and make an alarm sound.
  • As you are inserting your bottles, ensure that you are placing containers one at a time. If a container has not been taken by the RVM, take it out and try it again. If after 3 tries the container hasn’t been accepted, it’s likely an ineligible container – put it to the side and continue with the rest of your deposits.
  • If containers aren’t accepted, it’s likely that these containers do not fit with the Return and Earn scheme and you should dispose of these separately at the bins provided adjacent to the RVM. If a container is rejected there will be an audible beep sound to notify you.
  • If there is an interruption to the return process after 30 seconds your session will time out and a voucher will be dispensed.
  • When you have completed making your deposits a voucher will be dispensed automatically after 30 seconds. The voucher dispenser is to the right of the deposit chute (at approximately 4 o’clock). Move to the right hand side of the RVM to continue with your cartons, plastics and can deposit. If you have a difficulty with any of these steps call 1800 290 691 to speak with Tomra Cleanaway Customer Service.
  • The voucher can be presented to that RVM’s retail partner for a cash refund. The retail partner is displayed on the voucher, this may be a Woolworths, Coles, IGA or petrol station.  The voucher needs to be retained by you to get the refund. Please contact 1800 690 291 for assistance identifying the retail partner. Our call centre staff will need to know where you have conducted your container return to let you know where you need to take your voucher to claim your money.
  • If when you deposit your container and the machine does not start, it is likely that the machine is out of order and you should contact the Tomra Cleanaway call centre on 1800 290 691 for an up to date status regarding the machine’s availability prior to visiting the machine.

Information to contact the call centre is provided on the RVM in braille tactile on the front of the RVM to the right of the glass machine.

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