Return and Earn is a unique fundraising channel that converts your litter reduction and recycling efforts into dollars to support your cause.

Get started

Four quick steps to begin fundraising.

1. Define

Determine exactly what your fundraising goals are.

2. Choose

Pick a method that works best for your group.

3. Inform

Tell your group about the fundraiser and explain how they can help.

4. Collect

Get everyone involved in the collection process.

It’s easy to raise funds through Return and Earn. We’ve created a toolkit full of information and promotional materials to help you build a rewarding fundraising campaign.

Our helpful fundraising toolkit

Download our handy toolkit for a guide to setting up and promoting your fundraising efforts. It includes printable posters, stickers, newsletters and social media info.

How to fundraise with Return and Earn

Return and Earn is set up with two methods to fundraise. You can either partner with the scheme or collect containers and refunds. You can choose either or both methods.

1. Become a Donation Partner

Partner with Return and Earn to receive refunds directly from people recycling their drink containers at any Return and Earn machine or depot.

Schools, sports clubs, charities or community groups can be featured on the Return and Earn app.

Once set up, simply encourage your supporters, your community and everyone else in your network to begin collecting eligible containers and donate some or all of their drink container refunds to support you when they return and earn. It’s that simple.

How can I set up my organisation or cause to get donations through Return and Earn?

Community organisations and charities can register to be listed as a donation partner on the Return and Earn app. Once registered, you can receive donations from your supporters when they recycle their drink containers at any Return and Earn machine in NSW. Register now to connect with over 400,000 Return and Earn app users (your potential donors!).

2. Collect containers to Return and Earn

You can organise collections of eligible containers and then return them for a refund of 10c each.

Set up a single point for collections and let your colleagues and supporters know where that is. It could be a tub, bin, cage or a trailer.

Once you’re ready to return your containers, take them to any return point in NSW. For larger volumes of containers, we recommend you visit an automated depot.

More tips can be found in the fundraising toolkit at the top of the page.

Organise direct collections

Some automated depots can organise to pick up your collection. To find out if your nearest depot offers this service, check out their return point page and give them a call.

Fundraising success stories

Sustainability at Confluence Water helps wildlife and boosts morale

Sustainability at Confluence Water helps wildlife and boosts morale

Empty bottles and cans are helping patients feel comfortable at Hilltop Patient and Carer Accommodation Centre in Albury Wodonga.

Recycling helps make life more comfortable for cancer patients

In Western Sydney, the non-profit Brothers In Need has encouraged sustainability and raised funds from Return and Earn container recycling since 2019.

Container recycling a boon to charity fundraising in Sydney’s multicultural west

Coolamon Lions Club and Junee Correctional Centre join forces to recycle and fund local organisations