Retail vouchers

When you use a Reverse Vending Machine to Return and Earn, you can use the options on the touchscreen to have it print out a retail voucher for the full refund amount.

A refund voucher can be spent or exchanged for cash at participating retailers. These vary depending on where the machine is located but generally include Woolworths, Coles and IGA.

You can redeem retail vouchers for up to three years from the date of printing, though we recommend vouchers be redeemed within a few weeks in case of fading.

Electronic refunds

You can choose to have your refund credited to a registered PayPal account by the Reverse Vending Machine you are using. You will need to download the MyTOMRA app and link it to your PayPal account.

Simply scan your barcode displayed by the MyTOMRA app at the Reverse Vending Machine and then return the cans, bottles and cartons you have brought along. When you’ve finished, select PayPal on the touchscreen and the refund will be credited to your PayPal account.

Download the myTOMRA app

Cash refunds

Cash refunds are available from Over the Counter and Automated Depot return points.

To claim your cash refund simply take your eligible containers to an over the counter site or automated depot return point. After the containers have been returned the person in charge of the Return and Earn return point will give you a refund of 10 cents per container.

Returns of 1500 containers or more will require you to sign a and provide photo identification.


You can do even more for your community when you use a Reverse Vending Machine by gifting your refund to one of our Donation Partners.

Donation Partners are chosen from a list of not-for-profit and community organisations such as charities, sports clubs and schools. There can be up to four to choose from the touchscreen of every Reverse Vending Machine.

The recipients are rotated every three months so that all of our Donation Partners can benefit from donations.

If you would like to donate to one of our Donation Partners, simply return your containers and then select your chosen recipient on the touchscreen. Their account will be automatically credited with the full amount.

The current major donation partners are:

Supporting local communities

Return and Earn can support local communities in a number of ways.

Register your interest to become a Donation Partner so people can donate directly to you from a Reverse Vending Machine.

Schools, sport clubs, charities and community groups can collect containers and return them in bulk. Support your local group by giving them your containers and help boost their refund. Contact your local group to find out if they are participating or suggest that they do.

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