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Some of our return points are being impacted by the weather. We urge everyone to please take extra care, keep updated on all emergency announcements and consider returning your containers once the weather improves. Please check the status of your nearest return point here or via the Return and Earn app.

The myTOMRA app is being replaced by the Return and Earn app. Find out how to switch over.

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Media release
5 NOV 2017

Introducing Ernie, the Return and Earn wombat

The awareness campaign for the NSW Government’s Container Deposit Scheme – Return and Earn – has commenced in the lead up to the 1 December scheme commencement.

Ernie the wombat with a recyclable bottle and coins

Ernie, the star of the campaign, is a wombat and a natural forager prevalent across most of the state. He embodies the pristine environment we’re working to protect.

The awareness campaign coincides with the roll out of the first Return and Earn reverse vending machine kiosks currently being installed as part of hundreds of collection points around the state.

Small volume drink containers account for a staggering 44% of the total volume of litter across the state and have a detrimental impact on the local environment and community. To address the issue of drink container litter the ‘Return and Earn’ campaign encourages people to collect and return used eligible containers for a 10c refund.