Suppliers are able to request to move to quarterly invoicing under the recent amendments to the Supply Arrangement commencing April 2020.

If you wish to continue receiving a monthly invoice, you do not need to take any action.

If you would like to apply for quarterly invoicing, please ensure that your business meets the eligibility criteria prior to submitting your application. The Scheme Coordinator may consider several criteria when assessing your application as set out in the Supply Arrangement.

Eligibility Requirements:

    • the Supplier supplied less than 300,000 containers in NSW during the most recently completed financial year;
    • the Supplier’s actual container volumes, supplied in the twelve months up to the date of submission, demonstrate that it is likely they will supply less than 300,000 containers in NSW during the financial year;
    • the Supplier has paid all of its invoices on time and there are no overdue amounts at the time the request is submitted; and
    • the Supplier has reported its actual supply volumes on time.

Further information can be found in clause 7.6 of the Supply Arrangement.

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Please note that a change to quarterly invoicing does not alter the payment terms of the invoice, which will remain at seven days from date of invoice. All suppliers must continue to report supply volumes within 15 days of the end of each month.