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Silverdale teen recycling as a way to give back

10 MAY 2024

Silverdale teen recycling as a way to give back

At just 13 years old, Chloe has returned more than 6,300 bottles and cans through Return and Earn, donating the 10-cent refunds to charity.

“She was born in South Africa, we moved here when she was two years old, and she knows how fortunate we are to live in such a blessed country as Australia,” said her mother, Michelle Emslie. “Giving back is just in Chloe’s nature.”

Chloe’s container recycling began a few years ago when the family were building their home and the tradies would leave bottles and cans on the job site. She then expanded her collections, asking neighbours to save their bottles and cans for her.

“We have a few wonderful neighbours that donate their containers to Chloe. And it’s hard for Chloe to walk past a container on the ground and not pick it up!” said Michelle.

So far, Chloe has donated more than $630 to the RSPCA, Autism Awareness, and Guide Dogs Australia.

“Chloe has a passion for animals, and she is close to someone who has autism. Her favourite charity is the RSPCA, and a few weekends ago we went to see their facilities in Yagoona,” explained Michelle.

“Collecting bottles and cans isn’t a hard thing to do but it can make an impact.”

It’s not just the fundraising aspect that appeals to the Silverdale teenager. Chloe is also passionate about the environment.

“She has an in-depth understanding of recycling and sustainability and has learnt about climate change at school. Chloe can always see how something may be reused or repurposed.

“Being able to contribute to sustainability by saving containers from landfill and donating the funds to worthy charities is a wonderful way to contribute,” said Michelle.