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Oak Tree Retirement Village residents in Mudgee returning containers with Return and Earn

8 APR 2024

Recycling a way of life at Mudgee retirement village

One way or another, all 49 residents at Oak Tree Retirement Village in Mudgee are involved in 4 drink container recycling.

Village Manager Rebecca (Bec) Redfern said they started collecting cans and bottles three and half years ago. Initially she led the container returns, setting up a dedicated bin for bottles and cans, and taking the containers to the local Mudgee return point.

“As it’s grown, a lot of the residents have put their hands up to take responsibility for returning containers and accounting.

“Sometimes families get involved as well. We once had one of the resident’s daughters turn up with a carload of containers for us,” said Bec.

The residents decide what to put the money towards.

“They vote as a group to spend it on something that will bring enjoyment to their lives. Funds have gone towards the village’s bingo pool, an ice machine for village events, and for the transport of a pool table that was donated,” she said.

Sometimes the residents also donate money to local charities, and recently decided to donate to the Rural Fire Brigade in Grattai.

They have raised more than $2,000 through Return and Earn over the years.

“It’s additional funds, outside the usual village budget,” said Bec.