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Recycling a path to community spirit and purpose at St Catherine’s Catholic College

9 MAY 2024

Recycling a path to community spirit and purpose at St Catherine’s Catholic College

The community at St. Catherine’s Catholic College in Singleton has collected over 16,000 eligible bottles, cartons and cans through Return and Earn since 2023.

Geography teacher Glen Carr said he was inspired to organise container collections at the school after seeing the Return and Earn machine near the local Golf Club.

“It triggered me to do something at my workplace. The students learn about recycling in Geography and this ties in with our Catholic principles of stewardship for the planet and the environment, so Earn and Return just made sense,” said Glen.

The students have embraced the initiative and are keen to do their bit to help others and to serve one another.

As part of the initiative, the college has launched an Inter-House Challenge, with recycling bins painted in the school’s house colours. The concept is that each house tries to recycle more containers and raise the most money.

Year 10 students have also taken a key role in the recycling by helping pick up recyclable containers that are littered in the school yard, and encouraging other students to place bottles and cans in the correct bins. They also often bring in their bottles and cans from home to add to the school’s collection.

The funds raised through Return and Earn are donated to the Hope Tree Group, which is a local Catholic Charity, and will help support those who have fallen on difficult economic times. So far, $1600 has been raised from the containers collected.

“As a Catholic college it made sense to support our local community. I see it as a way to help develop community spirit and a sense of purpose within the college community,” said Glen.