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Destiny Natalie (Instagram: @destinynatalie_) is passionate about Return and Earn

8 NOV 2019

Ready to take on Return and Earn National Recycling Week challenge?

Return and Earn is encouraging all NSW residents to help set a record for the number of eligible drink containers returned during National Recycling Week (11-17 Nov) for their local government area. More than 5 million bottles and cans are returned every day – the equivalent of 2 containers for every NSW household*.

“We are challenging NSW residents to put their local area on the recycling map by returning as many eligible drink containers as they can through their local return point for the week,” Janelle Neath, Acting CEO of Exchange for Change, scheme coordinator for Return and Earn said today.

“We’d like to see all of NSW involved and if you haven’t returned and earned before, this week is the perfect time to set yourself a new habit that’s a win for the environment and your wallet,” she added.

The latest Return and Earn figures for the first six months of the year show Blacktown, Central Coast and Canterbury-Bankstown local council areas as leading Return and Earners, and the areas to beat.

All Return and Earners are encouraged to post photos and stories of their recycling efforts during National Recycling Week tagging #returnandearn #nationalrecyclingweek.

To avoid queues, check this website for peak times or use an automated depot – these can be faster than reverse vending machines plus there’s no need to sort glass from plastic or cans. And remember to recycle responsibly and take your rubbish with you when leaving a return point.

Together we can keep all towns and cities in NSW beautiful!

Each container deposited into one of 640 plus Return and Earn return points statewide is diverted from landfill and recycled into a new product while earning the consumer 10c for each return.

*based on 2016 ABC Census data of 2.6 million households in NSW.