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Maclean Lions Club approaching 1.5 million container returns

20 NOV 2023

Maclean Lions Club approaching 1.5 million container returns

With the one-millionth container recycled through Return in Earn in July 2023, the Maclean Lions Club return point at the Townsend Recycle Centre is fast marching towards the next milestone of two million bottles and cans.

The Lions Club reopened its Return and Earn return point after COVID-19 lockdowns ended, and since then, containers have been rolling in.

“The community has responded very well to this project, and we are seeing the number of containers returned growing monthly,” said Club Treasurer Tracy Smith.

“We received over 1 million bottles and cans in just the first 10 months, and by the end of April 2024 we’re going to hit the two million mark.”

Tracy was impressed by the community response as well as the hard work of the Lions Club volunteers who run the return point.

“We have fantastic support from locals, and our volunteers generously give their time and effort,” said Tracy.

The Lions Club volunteers see a broad cross-section of the community involved in recycling.

“We get the retirement homes, the local tip, schools, the local RFS, youngsters who are saving up for something special, and grandparents who are saving up for their grandkids. The spread is quite interesting,” said Tracy.

Customers receive 10c for each eligible container and the Lions Club benefits from the hosting fees which they put right back into the local community.

“The funds have helped dance students to compete internationally, helped purchase a defibrillator for the gym, and gone towards costs for the high school agricultural department to take their cattle to shows.

“We’ve also been able to give a helping hand to individuals, such as one family who lost everything in a house fire,” said Tracy.

Other groups who have received the generous financial support in the local area include: the Maclean Pipe Band, Team Aiden, Lions Club of Clarence, Maclean Hospital Auxiliary, and the club has sponsored two story dogs for the local junior schools.