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1. News

Read all about Return and Earn community news, locations, media releases and more

2. Partners

As a Return Partner you’re assisting your local community and helping NSW to meet its goal of reducing litter volume by 40% by 2020

3. Return point partners

Why become a Return Point Partner? Return Point Partners are very important to the success of Return and Earn, as they help us create a statewide netw...

4. Return Point Types

Where can I return my container? Do you have eligible drinks containers – bottles, cans or cartons – you’d like to return? Bring them to one of...

5. NSW returns over 350 million drink containers

More than 350 million drink containers have been refunded through Return and Earn and more than 600 return points are now open across NSW, helping to ...

6. Return and Earn responsibly through your local Reverse Vending Machine

For recycling week, we are simplifying the experience of recycling through a reverse vending machine, through collect, check, return and remove.

7. Accessibility

Prior to visiting a reverse vending machine location, also known as an RVM, make sure you have separated glass bottles from other containers you wish ...

9. Find Out How We are Responding to COVID-19

Your health and safety are important to us. Find out how we are responding to COVID-19.

10. New reverse vending centre now open in Western Sydney

Parramatta is now home to a new indoor Return and Earn reverse vending centre (RVC), making it even more convenient and enjoyable for residents to ret...

13. Container donations are saving koalas in Port Stephens

Port Stephens Koalas has partnered with Return and Earn and network operator TOMRA Cleanaway to raise much needed funds, all while reducing litter.

14. Behind the scenes: What does it take to keep Return and Earn running?

Behind the scenes of Return and Earn hundreds of people are hard at work to keep the container deposit scheme running smoothly.