Receive your digital refund or donate to charity with the Return and Earn app when you Tag and Drop at your local automated depot.

Tag and Drop- Step 1


Tag and Drop- Step 2


Tag and Drop- Step 3


Tag and Drop locations


Tag and Drop is another convenient way to return your containers. Save time by bagging your containers and dropping them off before you head off. You don’t need to wait while your containers are recycled – our staff will do that for you. Your refund or donation will then appear on your Return and Earn app once the containers are counted.

  1. Collect your eligible drink containers.

  2. Take them to a participating Tag and Drop station at an automated depot.

  3. At the Tag and Drop station, start your session by scanning your Return and Earn app barcode at the tablet. Please ensure to select the suitable active payout option on your Return and Earn app.

  4. Transfer all your containers into the provided container or bag.

  5. Collect one QR/Barcode sticker per bundle from the collection point

  6. Scan each QR/Barcode sticker on the tablet

  7. Attach one QR/Barcode sticker per bundle.

  8. Leave your containers in the designated Tag and Drop area

  9. The staff will process your containers for you, and your refund will appear in your Return and Earn app within 3 business days.

Staff are on-site and ready to assist you to return your containers.

Tag and Drop is available at all automated depots across NSW and at participating over the counter return points. Find your nearest depot or over the counter. If they have the ‘Tag and Drop’ logo, you are good to go! 

The drink containers you return must be eligible to receive a 10c refund for each one. We cannot provide refunds for containers that are ineligible or have not been registered under the scheme.

Drink containers need to be empty, uncrushed or unbroken and the label should be in-tact. Leave the lids on – they’ll be recycled too!

Find out which containers are eligible for a refund here or by checking your container by scanning its barcode on the Return and Earn app’s container checker feature.

Staff will scan and count the containers in your bundle and you will receive a refund for each eligible container within 3 business days of your containers being processed. Refunds will appear on your Return and Earn refunds tab.

Digital refunds to your bank or PayPal account are available through the Return and Earn app. You can also choose to donate your refund to a charity of your choice. Please note, digital vouchers are not available.

Download the Return and Earn app now.

Yes, you need the Return and Earn app to receive your refund or make a donation when you Tag and Drop. Download the Return and Earn app Once you have downloaded the app, set up your preferred payout method. Then you simply need to scan your barcode at the Tag and Drop station to get started.

Digital refunds should appear in your nominated account within 3 working days once your containers have been processed. Please do not change your active payout until you have received your digital refund.

Open the Return and Earn app and search for your preferred charity. Once you select a charity from the list, set it as your payout method and further refunds through the app will be donated. You can change your payout method at any time.

Please contact the automated depot that processed your containers to query partial or incorrect refunds.

To find their contact details, search for their page

Please get in touch with our Customer Service Centre or call 1800 290 691.