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Some of our return points are being impacted by the weather. We urge everyone to please take extra care, keep updated on all emergency announcements and consider returning your containers once the weather improves. Please check the status of your nearest return point here or via the Return and Earn app.

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Tips for your visit

Here are some useful tips to make the most of your return.

Glass needs to be sorted from plastic bottles, cartons and cans which can be kept together. You may find it helpful to separate glass before your visit.

Check Eligibility

Save time and check your container's eligibility while sorting. Any ineligible containers can still go into your kerbside recycling.

Don't forget

Easily check opening times via the Return Points page.


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What type of return point is best for me?

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What are my refund options?

Find the refund that suits you. This could be a redeemable retail voucher, an online transfer, cash or you may choose to donate.

I'd like to become a return point partner

We'd love to have you involved! Click on the link below to learn more about the return point partner opportunities available.