Why become a Return Point Partner?

Return Point Partners are very important to the success of Return and Earn, as they help us create a statewide network of convenient locations for the public to bring their containers. As a Return Point Partner you’re not only assisting your local community but helping NSW in meeting its goal of reducing litter by 40% by 2020.

 Benefits of becoming a Return Point Partner

  • You’ll be listed as a return point location on this website.
  • You could attract more customers into your store or onto your site.
  • You will earn extra revenue from Return and Earn.
  • You’ll be actively supporting the reduction of litter in your community.

 Types of Return Point Partner opportunities

Host a Reverse Vending Machine

A Reverse Vending Machine (RVM) is a self service machine with a mechanical scanning and counting system. An RVM is best for returning smaller quantities of containers (up to 500) in any one transaction. There is a range of criteria around site suitability for hosting an RVM which need to be carefully considered. Typically RVM’s are located in high traffic car parks and other areas that are easy and convenient for people to access.

Over the Counter

An Over the Counter (OTC) return point is generally a local business where smaller quantities of eligible drink containers (usually 100 or less) can be returned. As an OTC, you’ll be responsible for ensuring the containers received are eligible: the correct type, uncrushed, unbroken and have the original label attached. After verifying and counting returned bottles, cans and cartons you’ll be responsible for issuing a cash refund of 10 cents per eligible container.

Become an Automated Depot

An Automated Depot (AD) can process any number of containers but is the best type of return point for processing larger volumes (500+). The AD has a mechanical scanning and counting system that provides efficient processing of bulk returns. Once the containers are processed, you’ll be responsible for issuing a refund of 10 cents per eligible container.

Apply to become a Return Point Partner

When thinking about becoming a return point, make sure your location adheres to the State Environmental Planning Policy. Information is available on the the NSW Planning and Environment website.

The first step to becoming a Return Point Partner is to register your interest with Tomra Cleanaway.

Return Point Partners toolkit

If you’re already participating in Return and Earn or about to join our network of Return Point Partners download this toolkit containing advice, information on how to get assistance and collateral for your location.

By downloading and using this toolkit you agree to the terms of use: Material must not be altered. Information may only be added into the editable fields, where provided.

Download toolkit  (.zip, 320mb)