Return and Earn- Feed our Chooks

Drake Public School

In 2019, Drake Public School started a Return and Earn project where returnable items are collected at the school in a designated bin and transported to a local Return and Earn station. The resulting funds are held by the school and used to fund the maintenance of the school gardens. Items such as organic fertiliser, chicken food, mulch, seeds, seedlings and potted plants are purchased from collected funds.

Chevalier College Show Team

Chevalier College

In the last 2 years, Chevalier College has been handing in bottles to Return and Earn and have earned over $4000 dollars. This money from returning bottles is put towards paying for food, supplies and equipment for the school animals. This money also goes toward paying for entrance into shows and accommodation for the animals and students and purchasing new farm equipment to further increase their agricultural ability.

Return and Earn Bin Implementation

Warilla High School-Barrack Heights

Warilla High School is a large school, with 1400 students and 100 staff. Their SRC implemented a Return and Earn bin scheme at the school to improve the school’s sustainability which has been an important goal for the 2019 committee. The SRC, in their commitment with the school have worked tirelessly to fundraise their goal of $5000 to put towards the school’s solar program, which resulted in a 50kWh system going in midyear. Using Return and Earn and their ”Sortin’ Squad” the school raised $2,500 towards the system.

Return and Earn Bin Implementation

Metford Public School

Metford Public School has placed individual bins in each classroom for students to place all eligible containers for Return and Earn. The school has sourced some large reusable bags to take on excursions and carnivals to collect our recyclables even when they are not at school. Using short movies to promote what they do they also promote their program using facebook. The enthusiasm for the collection of containers and use of Return and Earn has gone into the homes of the children who are now using the program to save money and to keep their environment clean.

The Rosella’s Team

Carroll College

Carroll College Broulee have implemented a college ‘Return and Earn’ scheme.  Students are encouraged to return their emptied and cleaned plastic bottles to the canteen where they are then taken by senior students to the local bottle collection point. With each bottle returned, the student receives a sticker, equivalent to 10 cents, which is placed onto a ‘Return and Earn’ card. Once ten stickers are collected, students redeem the full card for $1 off any canteen purchase. Based on the NSW Return and Earn system, Carroll College’s environmental group, the Rosellas, established this on-campus scheme. The scheme has been running for just under a term, during which time about 1,000 bottles have been recycled.

Donation Partner and Return and Earn fundraising for school’s programs

St Patrick’s Primary School

At the beginning of 2018, St Patrick’s Primary School nominated themselves to be a recipient on the local reverse vending machine. Since that time, they have promoted the recycling of drink containers at their own school. Reminding students that using Return and Earn reduces landfill at the same time as earning money for their school helps them to promote the benefits of the program. Some resources purchased for the school from funds raised, include play dough for all K-2 classes; art supplies for Stage 3; a contribution to the purchase of new netball uniforms; books for the library; and purchasing plants and soil for their new sensory garden. Each day, three tubs are placed in specific locations around the school for students to place their empty containers. The Environmental Committee, consisting of Year 5 students collect the tubs and place the containers into one large tub. Recycling between 250 and 350 containers each week recycling has now become part and parcel of school culture.

Beverages for Benefits

Scone Public School

Scone Public School P&C “Beverages for Benefits’ project supplies bins to local businesses to collect their bottles and cans.  The bins are labelled especially for the project and are collected by members of the P&C who place the containers in the Reverse Vending Machine at Scone. The project has included working with the students at Scone Public School and has raised just over $1000 since the project commenced in October 2018.

Return and Earn Education and Collection

Centaur Public School

The Environment Leaders at Banora Point were keen to keep a newly established Return and Earn program going and extended it to the community by encouraging students to bring returnable waste to school to be recycled. This program is purely student-run with students designing and labelling collection bins, advertising the program to the school, sorting and collating the items each day and keeping a tally of the amount earnt. This program has been so popular that Stage 2 have now decided to join in with the program.

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