Marine Rescue Terrey Hills Unit


Marine Rescue – Terrey Hills (MRTH) Return & Earn Project commenced with their acceptance as a Donation Partner on selected Tomra operated RVMs. As a volunteer-based Emergency Services operation, MRTH performs fundraising initiatives to fund necessary infrastructure in communication equipment to keep the boating community safe on the water and wanted to promote the preservation of the waterways. Promoting awareness of Return & Earn to their volunteers and community they aimed to develop conscious behavioural change that becomes habitual through collection of eligible containers for recycling. Once launched the containers collected increased every month, with a total of 8292 since inception.

Scouts Learning from Returning and Earning – Hume Region Scouts


Scouts and Leaders from Hume Region Scouts organised and participated in Return and Earn fundraisers at two major Camden events, the Camden TASTE Food, Wine and Music Festival in September 2018 and the annual Camden Show in April 2019. With assistance from Nepean Distributors and Camden Council, both collections saw great results with a total of 3208 containers at the Camden TASTE Food, Wine and Music Festival and 6190 containers collected at the Camden Show.

From Leumeah to Jamboree! -1st Leumeah Scout Group


The 1st Leumeah Scout Group were ‘early adopters’ of the NSW Return and Earn program, using the money raised to boost their fundraising goals and provide assistance to members of the group to participate in local, state and National Scout programs and activities. Youth members and their families were encouraged to collect eligible containers, which were processed through a local bulk Return and Earn centre at Nepean Distributors. Their first goal subsidised the costs of seven Scout members to attend the 25th Australian Scout Jamboree in Tailem Bend, South Australia in January 2019.

Macarthur Centre for Sustainable Living, Camden


The MCSL is a community hub providing educational workshops about the environment and opportunities for local Macarthur residents to be involved in a range of activities on site. A newly developed program which assists unemployed youth the learn barista skills has used monies raised by Return and Earn to provide tea, coffee, milk and other supplies for the training. In addition to using the Return and Earn collections for this purpose, the collection of containers has enthused the community who use the centre, bringing people from diverse groups to a central cause of recycling and litter prevention. A well organised and socially advantageous program.

Holsworthy Community Garden – SCRAP Ltd


SCRAP Ltd has partnered with Holsworthy High School for a number of years to work with disengaged youth in their Table to Table: Organic Living Course at the school’s community garden. At the outset SCRAP partnered with the school in approaching Tomra to establish a Return and Earn machine within the garden to emphasise the need for resource recovery and recycling. This machine was established – the first (and still the only) school to achieve this outcome. The school has increased its recycling of bottles and cans and deposits 0.25m3 weekly with funds supporting a variety of school initiatives including the garden. Many students and locals use the Return and Earn machine for pocket money and the decrease in litter is noticeable in the area.