Groups and individuals in New South Wales participated in Return and Earn with dedication. The nominations for the Return and Earn Litter Prevention Award for this category are available below.

Cans for Kids, Alexander Roberts, Auburn

Alex Roberts, an influencer and a leader, has been recycling cans since he was six years old and has always had the support of his community in his recycling efforts. With the introduction of Return and Earn, he added bottles and other recyclable containers to the collection bins with the mantra ’20 cans or bottles will vaccinate a child for life’. When NSW Health introduced bottled water at hospitals, the staff at Auburn hospital encouraged Healthshare to put barcodes on their bottles so they could be recycled through Return and Earn. Currently, Auburn Hospital recycles 99.9% of recyclable containers.

The Bottle Kids, Prestons

The Bottle Kids are 4 primary school aged siblings who offer a FREE collection service in their home suburb of Prestons NSW. Colette their mum, plus the four budding entrepreneurs saw an opportunity and went out to make it happen. ‘The Bottle Kids’ have found businesses, such as cafes and bottle shops were looking for an easy way to recycle and were happy to partner with the kids as a Bottle Buddy. Also collecting from family and parties, the Bottle Kids do more than just collecting bottles and containers. They actively promote the Return and Earn program in their area and have donated some of their earnings to causes important to them, such as Liverpool Hospital Emergency Department.