Below are a few ways your school can participate in Return and Earn:

1. Donate refunds to your school

Encourage your school community to collect eligible drink containers at home and take them to a return point for a refund. The refund can then be donated to your school.

2. Become a Donation Partner

As a school you may be able to become a Donation Partner and be featured on your local Reverse Vending Machine. As a Donation Partner, you can receive donated refunds from people returning eligible containers.

To assess your eligibility to become a Donation Partner and to register your interest download and complete the form below.

Donation Partner application (.pdf, 665kb)

3. Organise a collection drive

Raise money by collecting donated eligible containers from your school community that you can Return and Earn at a return point for a refund.

You may have an opportunity to partner with a local return point.  Register your interest below to find out more.

Register your interest

If your school is interested in organising a collection drive or fundraising options, we can provide help and assistance, simply register your interest by contacting us.

Register your interest

School toolkits

Download this handy toolkit including posters, newsletters and will help get started with Return and Earn.

By downloading and using this material you agree to the terms of use: Material must not be altered. Information may only be added into the editable fields, where provided.

School information toolkit

School fundraising factsheet

Download School collateral toolkit (.zip, 1.7MB)

Get in touch

If you have any questions or queries related to your school’s involvement in Return and Earn, please get in touch via

Schools, Sports Clubs & Community FAQs

  • What is a Donation Partner?

    A Donation Partner is a not-for-profit organisation such as a charity, school, sports club or community organisation that has entered into an agreement with the Network Operator TOMRA to be listed on the Reverse Vending Machines. Refunds from eligible containers can be donated to Donation Partners by anybody who chooses to do so. Simply select the donation option when using a Reverse Vending Machine.

  • What groups can be listed on a Reverse Vending Machine as a Donation Partner?

    All groups listed on a Reverse Vending Machine must fit the eligibility criteria. They must be a not-for-profit organisation. There are two types of Donation Partners:

    Major Donation Partners are large organisations that have a NSW (or wider) presence. They will appear across the state-wide Reverse Vending Machine network.

    Local Donation Partners have a predominantly local presence where the Reverse Vending Machine is located. They will appear on Reverse Vending Machines within their area of operation. Money raised by Local Donation Partners must remain in the area they are located in.


  • How long does a Reverse Vending Machine listing last?

    Major Donation Partners are listed across all Reverse Vending Machines for three-month cycles.

    Local Donation Partners are listed across local Reverse Vending Machines for three-month cycles.

  • Is there a formal process for collecting donated containers?

    No. Community groups should encourage their members to donate eligible containers to their organisation, and these can then be redeemed for a 10 cent refund per container at any return point.