Your community organisation can get involved in Return and Earn in a number of ways:

1. Redeem donated containers at a return point

You can collect eligible drink containers and encourage your members to donate their eligible containers to your organisation as well.  You can then take them to a return point for a refund.

2. Partner in fundraising

Consider a fundraising opportunity in partnership with your local return point.  Contact us to find out more.

3. Become a donation partner

As a community organisation you may be able to become a donation partner and be featured on your local Reverse Vending Machine. As a Donation Partner, you can receive donated refunds from people returning eligible containers.

To assess your eligibility to become a Donation Partner and to register your interest download and complete the form below.

Donation Partner application (.pdf, 665kb)

Community toolkit

Download this handy toolkit and let your community know you’re involved with Return and Earn.

By downloading and using this toolkit you agree to the terms of use: Material must not be altered. Information may only be added into the editable fields, where provided.

Download toolkit  (.zip, 211mb)

Frequently asked questions

  • Is there a formal process for collecting donated containers?

    No. Any community group can encourage their members to donate eligible containers that can then be redeemed for the 10 cent refund at a return point.

  • What is a donation partner?

    A Donation Partner is a school, sporting club or community organisation that has entered into an agreement with the Network Operator TOMRA Cleanaway to be listed on a RVM. Refunds can be donated to them by anybody who chooses to when returning eligible containers through a RVM. Specific eligibility around registered charity and deductible gift recipient status, as well as for schools, sporting and other community organisations will be available via in early December.

  • What groups can be listed on a RVM?

    Major donation partners are large organisations that have a NSW (or wider) presence. They will appear across the state-wide RVM network. Community donation partners should have a predominately localised presence in the Return and Earn zone or where the local RVM is located. They will appear on a localised basis.

  • How will groups be selected for a RVM?

    Applicants that satisfy the eligibility criteria will be chosen based on the order their applications were received and on a discretionary basis to achieve a balance of donation partners on RVMs.

  • How long does a RVM listing last?

    Approximately three months although listings may be rotated more frequently to align with local fundraising drives, awareness raising activities or other events.

  • How will donations be forwarded to donation partners?

    Payments will be made monthly in arrears.